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February 2017 - Thank you so much for all the wonderful service and friendship you’ve provided us over the years. However, last Thursday, January 19th, you went above and beyond.

My husband had an important doctor appointment at 9:15 that morning and we had made the mistake of trying to remove our snow chains ourselves the night before. We managed to get one partially off and tangled up behind the wheel. So, we couldn’t drive into the shop. We’ve had AAA since 1985, called them both the night before and that morning. They hung us up for hours, then couldn’t come through for us at all. Long story short, they majorly let us down.

It was about 7:30 in the morning. In desperation, we called the service department and spoke with Greg. He said he’d talk to Cher and see if there was anything they could do. You sent a wonderful young man, Brandon Dixon, to our home. Brandon had the chains off in about 10 minutes and wouldn’t accept anything but a heartfelt “Thank You” for his effort. You came to our rescue!! My husband got to his appointment on time!

What a blessing beyond belief! You’ve all always treated us like family, but this was truly God inspired and awesome! Now we’d like to show you a small measure of our appreciation and gratitude. We can never truly repay you for all you’ve done for us.

You are family!
K & G

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Review from Jeff N.

I hope that me taking the time to site down and write an email to you will make up for my procrastination that caused me to let my Ford survey expire. Please forward this to anyone at Ford that would credit you and your ENTIRE team for the best new truck purchasing experience I have ever had. You may not remember me but I would not be surprised if you did, given your teams' overall attention to customer satisfaction. I contacted you in late December and, before talking to Sales, I insisted on speaking with you after hearing you on several Saturday morning Car Pro shows. You just sounded trustworthy and genuine and I wanted your word that was the case. You took the time to oblige me and that started the chain of events that has proven to be true.

If you remember, I was just recently divorced and had suffered some economic pains since my construction management career in AZ took a major hit in 07-08. You directed me to AJ and she went to work to get me on track again, all the while being very sympathetic and non-judgemental of my financial challenges. You then set me up with Jared and he was just as fantastic as you said. He kept me informed of the process, just as AJ had, and there was not even one surprise during my time with anyone on your team. Regrettably, I cannot remember the final guy that helped me sign the contract but he was just as great.

I LOVE my new truck and I am more than happy to tell anyone I come in contact with that you are the dealer they should talk to when they want to purchase. Again, thank you so much for your desire (and action) to actually help me.

Warm regards,

Jeff N.

Review from Arleen

Are you in the market for a new vehicle for your business? I don't usually do this, but I was so impressed with Jim Rodey of Gresham Ford, I have to brag. Recently I took a team of decision makers to Gresham Ford to look for a new vehicle. (Imagine 3 people with different ideas of what they want.) Jim Rodey did a great job of listening and helping the team narrow down their choice, and providing all the specs, and following up. If you have a need...from SUV's like the Portland Police vehicles, to Transit Vans, or Ford Trucks/Pickups, I hope you'll give Jim a call at 541-643-1702


Review from Duane and Donna

We just wanted to thank you for the great experience we had purchasing our car at Gresham Ford.
We had heard your advertising on the radio some years ago and it always stuck in our mind, the heart behind how and why you sell cars.
Lo and behold we found ourselves coming out of a bankruptcy this year, we had been paying on it for the last 7 years, driving our cars until literally mine died a few weeks ago and it was not anything we could afford or wanted to fix on a 2000 model car. We had been saving our $ and did our research and knew what kind of car we wanted etc.
As we had been searching online for a used Ford Edge at various dealerships and when we discovered there was one at Gresham Ford, we set up an appointment for a test drive.
That is where our great experience began !!! We heard from Van B. Austin and he began to fill out the paper for credit application over the phone and then we drove from Beaverton to Gresham and he was ready for us with awesome news that we had been approved for financing at a lower rate than we anticipated. We drove the car, and it was everything we had wanted at more at the price and payment we were hoping for and in a short 75 minutes later we drove away in our 2014 (new to us) Ford Edge.
Van took a picture of us by our new car and we left really praising God for what He had done and we are so grateful to you and your team in how you cared for us and helping us get our car.

Blessings on your week,
Duane and Donna