New Ford Lease Specials

Not sure is leasing or purchasing your next vehicle is the right move?  Check out our Lease vs Finance comparison to help you decide.   Leasing a car often has a lower monthly payment compared to traditional finance.  Most lease offers have a low down payment as well compared to traditional auto loans.  Questions about #LeasingACar ?  Contact Gresham Ford.  

Ford SUV Lease Specials

Fall can be a treacherous time in Oregon when driving.  All Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive can help you get to where you're going safely.  Gresham Ford and Ford Credit have partnered to provide some outstanding lease offers on the entire line of Ford SUV's during the SUV Season Sales Event.  

2018 Ford Escape SE Lease Special $259 per month for 36 months with Ford Motor Credit Red Carpet Lease.  $3,089 cash or trade is due at signing.  Ford Credit has offered to waive the security deposit as part of this special lease.  Taxes, title and license fees are extra.  Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Motor Credit Red Carpet Lease Program.  2017 Ford Escape SE Lease Payment is priced with equipment group 200A.  Payments may vary; Gresham Ford determines price.  Residency restrictions apply, price shown is for the Portland Metro area including Gresham. Cash or trade due at signing is after $3,500 Customer Cash program#50420.  Lessee is responsible for excess wear and mileage over 31,500 miles at $0.15 per mile.  Lessee has the option to purchase vehicle at the lease end at the price negotiated with Gresham Ford at signing.  Take new retail delivery from Gresham Ford stock by 01/02/2018.  Ford Credit Lease Renewal rebate is available for eligible Ford Credit customers who come out of a lease and are choosing to lease a new Ford Vehicle. See Gresham Ford for qualifications and complete details.  Vehicle shown may have optional equipment not included in payment. Gresham Ford works with over 100 different lenders including credit unions.  Get approved now.  We understand that no one has perfect credit and work hard to get get you approved even with divorce, bankruptcy or slow pay.


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Not Sure if Leasing is Right for You?

Visit our Lease vs Buy Quick Reference Guide to review the pros and cons of each financing solution.  We know that leasing can provide a bit of a learning curve and we want to help.  Please feel free to reach out to any Sales and Leasing Specialist at Gresham Ford with your questions. In the mean time below is a short glossary of terms that will help you to better understand the leasing process.  

Auto Leasing Glossary

Acquisition Fee: The fee Ford Motor Credit charges to process the lease.  

Capitalization Cost: This is the total price of the vehicle or the purchase price. 

Cap Cost Reduction: This includes any down payments, trade equity or rebates that reduce the price of the vehicle. 

Depreciation: This is the amount a vehicle decreases in value over time from its original price.

Disposition Fee: This is a fee that covers the cost of preparing the vehicle for sale after you return it at the end of your lease period.  

End of Lease Purchase Price: You have the choice at the end of any Ford Credit lease to purchase the vehicle outright.  This price is pre-negotiated when you lease the vehicle.

Excess Mileage Charge:  When you sign a lease you agree on a number of miles per year.  If you drive over that amount of miles, at the end of your lease you will be assessed a fee. We suggest looking at your service invoices to get a better idea of how many miles you really drive every year before you commit.  

Excess Wear and Tear: If the vehicle is returned in good condition this is not an issue.  However, if there has been body damage, excessive interior staining or a failure to maintain the vehicle causing the need for repairs - those charges will be passed along to you.  

Lease Term: The period of time you have use of the vehicle and are required to make the monthly payment.   

Lessee: This is the person who leases the vehicle - YOU!

Lessor: This would be Ford Motor Credit or the person that is providing the financing of the lease. 

Residual Value: This is Ford Credit's best guess of what the vehicle will be worth at the end of the lease term and is communicated with a percentage.