Dozer Dave Turin | Gold Rush

Dozer Dave Turin | Gold Rush

As an owner/operator of Ford pick up trucks for the past 35 years, I have spent countless miles on the road, many that involved extreme weather and road conditions. Whether it be used for hauling my 5th wheel trailer, hunting, work, or play, not once has my truck let me down. My work environment is tough, yet I find my Ford to work as hard as I do.

My current F350 pick up has been seen on Discovery Channel's Gold Rush show pulling a semi truck out of the mud and another one through a river. I have put many miles and hours on my pickup hauling tools, personnel, fuel, gold and mammoth tusks, just to name a few, all over the US and Canada. 

My hometown dealer Gresham Ford's friendly and personable staff treats me well as they listen to my needs while striving to meet my expectations. I find their hours of service conveniently accommodate my day job, their hours of operation fit my schedule. They are quick to get me in and out in a timely manner and at a fair price.

I am proud to be a patron of a company such as Gresham Ford, because of their active and generous support towards the needs of our local community. We share a mutual heart of making the area around us a better place, one where people can thrive, children feel safe and cared for, and a sense of community is strengthened. I find it an easy decision to partner alongside Gresham Ford and highly recommend them.  

Dave Turin


You can get the same great customer service and support Dozer Dave Turin enjoys.  

Jim Rodey, Sales Manager, sold Dave his work truck and can give you the same great pricing.  


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