All-Wheel Drive (AWD Ford Vehicles)


What is Intelligent All Wheel Drive?

Intelligent all-wheel drive determines the optimal amount of front and rear torque to send to the wheels based on road conditions to prevent or reduce wheelslip.  By continuously monitoring wheel speed, throttle position and steering angle your Ford determines the current conditions and your intent while driving. 
  • It helps to ensure the vehicle is sure footed on the road in a variety of conditions.  AWD comes in handy when cornering at high speeds on uneven payment, potholes or more often in the Portland area, any time the road is slippery. 
  • Your Intelligent All Wheel Drive vehicle normally functions in front wheel drive (FWD) mode but when the sensors detect wheelslip is occurring the AWD system reacts withing as little as 50 milliseconds to distribute up to 100% of the available torque to the wheels with the most available traction. 
  • AWD is seamless to the driver and provides performance and safety benefits especially in NW weather. 
  • AWD also helps to eliminate torque steer and helps to balance the vehicle when cornering. 
What is Intelligent 4WD?

The available 4WD offers all the technology of the Intelligent All Wheel Drive system but for more rugged terrain.  The sensors automatically and instantly respond to wheelslip in off-road conditions like mud, snow, grass, and gravel by adjusting the torque and power to each wheel.  This helps prevent slippage and adds a nice boost in your confidence while driving Oregon roads. 

What is 4 Wheel Drive?

The toughest roads and conditions demand a tougher more rugged technology.  Ford Trucks are ready to tackle tough NW conditions on the rough back roads with electronic shift on the fly 4 Wheel Drive.  At the turn of a knob, you have the power to choose one of three modes: 2 High (normal driving conditions), 4 High (for off-road or winter driving) and 4 Low (When your off-road conditions require a little more power or when its time to take the boat out of the water.)

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What is Advance Trac Electronic Stability Control?

Advance Trac can help you maintain control in adverse driving conditions.  It is made up of two parts: traction control and electronic stability control.  Traction Control helps keep your wheels from spinning when you are pushing the gas pedal and from loosing their grip on the road.  ESC helps prevent sliding sideways and skidding. 

Using information from multiple sensors, Advance Trac senses when you begin to lose control or traction and automatically provides selective braking to keep you safely on the road.  If may sound complicated but there is nothing you need to do but focus on driving.  In fact unless you turn off traction control it will always be on. 

There are a few situations that turning off Traction Control would be helpful.  For instance if you are stuck in the snow and need your tires to spin freely in order to use the full force of the vehicle to exit. 


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